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A behind-the-scenes look at life with two Berners

Updated: Dec 4, 2022

Bert and Ernie look a lot alike, but their personalities are actually quite different! We can chalk some of the differences up to their ages (Ernie is 3 and Bert is 1) and life stages, but a lot of it comes down to their personal preferences.

Keep reading for a few examples of how Bert and Ernie show us their individuality...

Troublemaker #1

While you might expect that the younger dog Bert is the mischievous one, it's actually Ernie who gets in to trouble! Bert has never chewed on anything he wasn't supposed to - even as a puppy! Ernie, however, ruined his fair share of slippers and boat shoes as a little guy. He had always had a bit of a naughty streak and has been known to shred papers left lying on tables. He's torn up everything from love notes (below) to mortgage statements and Hello Fresh recipe cards.

Ernie can also be a bit of a counter surfer. He'll get a gleam in his eye when he gets fixated on a particular piece of food that he wants, and then when your back is turned - GULP. This has happened a few times with pizza and once with a big block of fancy cheese!

Cuddling styles

We're not quite sure how they've done it, but Bert and Ernie seem to have worked out an official schedule for snuggles. They're not allowed to sleep on the bed, but they are welcome to jump up on top of the covers for some cuddles. Bert only ever jumps up in the morning, and Ernie is strictly a nighttime snuggler!

When it comes to the couch, they'll both join for TV time. Ernie more often sleeps on the couch at night, and Bert will snooze there during the day on occasion. They both love to climb on laps for some extra snugs - they are big boys, but they think they are little!


Perhaps the best illustration of the differences between Bert and Ernie's personalities is how they like to swim! When we are at the lake, Bert loves to jump around in the water and chase after his friends. Ernie, on the other hand, paddles around on his own and munches on wild rice and weeds. They both have a wonderful time in their own way!

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