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How to take your dog to a baseball game

“Woof woof woof for the home team!”

Have you ever heard of Bark in the Park? Some sports teams (major and minor league) host special events where dogs can join their owners to take in a game!

Our local minor league baseball team the St. Paul Saints hosts several “dog days” each season where pups can tag along for a day at the ballpark. We’ve taken Bert and Ernie out to the ballgame each of the last two years and we’re already counting down the days til baseball season starts up and we can do it again.

In this post we’ll cover: (click to jump to)

Thanks to some of our pals on Instagram for sharing photos for inclusion in this post! @beau.and.banks, @graciegirltravels, @leines.goldenlife, and @signore_orocciettepawsta all contributed pictures of their pups.

Preparing for game day

Before you head to the ballpark, make sure you have checked the schedule and purchased the proper ticket to bring your dog to the game.

Double check that you’ve gotten a ticket for dog day and not another game with a different promotion! Some parks will require pups of a certain size (often 30 lbs or more) to have their own ticket so they can have their own seat. When we’ve taken Bert and Ernie to Saints games, we buy them their own seats and plan to sit on the ends so they have some space to sit down.

Most ballparks will require pet owners to complete a waiver on arrival to the game. You can speed things up by printing and filling it out at home. You may be asked to provide proof of current vaccination for things like Rabies, Bordatella, Distemper, and Parvo. These are common vaccines that are also required if you take your dog to daycare or boarding.

Packing your bag

In addition to harnesses, leashes, and festive gameday bandanas, we pack a small bag of supplies for Bert and Ernie to have a good gameday experience. We haven’t had any issues bringing in a zip top tote bag to CHS Field, but check your venue’s bag policy to avoid any last minute hassle! Here’s what we pack in Bert and Ernie’s gameday bag:

  • Empty reusable water bottle (to be filled from a water fountain once we’re inside the stadium)

  • Collapsible dog dish

  • Treats

  • Poop bags

  • Hand sanitizer

  • Paper towels for spills

At the game

When we’ve taken Bert and Ernie to Saints games, we’ve taken them for a good walk beforehand to stretch their legs, go potty, and tire them out a bit. When you arrive at the stadium, you may have to wait in a long and crowded line to go through security and ticket scanning. Keep an eye on your dog and monitor how they are interacting with those around you - other dogs, children, etc.

Going to the ballpark is an awesome chance for you and your pup to experience new sights and sounds together, but it can also be quite overwhelming. Think of the concentration of interesting smells, unfamiliar dogs, loud noises, and new things like bleachers that your dog may not have encountered before. Be patient with them and take your time as you enter this new environment.

We like to start our park visits with a lap around the outfield so the boys can get a lay of the land (and so we can get some beer and food). Often on dog days there will be special pet-friendly vendors set up in the stadium, so you might even be able to do some shopping too!

Your pup will be able to meet lots of other dogs and people, so be mindful of these interactions and your dog’s behavioral cues. If they are shying away, acting nervous, or displaying reactive behavior, you can always find a quieter place to stand with less foot traffic or tell potential visitors that your pup isn’t up to making new friends at the moment.

In our experience, Bert and Ernie have the most fun at baseball games (and get to meet the most people) when we stand in the outfield rather than sitting in our seats. We usually have more space for the boys to lay down or move around without disturbing others this way. All in all, we don’t usually end up watching a whole lot of the game when we take the dogs, but it’s fun to bring them to a new environment!

Options near you

As mentioned, our local St. Paul Saints offer a couple of Dog Days each season. Check the promotional schedule at the beginning of the season to get your tickets early! This year's Saints Dog Days are: April 22nd, July 2nd, and September 2nd.

While the Minnesota Twins don’t allow non-service dogs at Target Field, quite a few other major league baseball teams around the country have special dog day events. This list ( includes all MLB teams with 2022 events, so it’s a pretty safe bet that most of them will repeat the events in 2023.

Here’s a list of several minor league hockey teams that host dog friendly game days too: There are a couple of cities on this list that aren’t too far from Minneapolis; Des Moines is a 3 hour drive and Fargo is about 4 hours away. The Iowa Wild (MN Wild affiliate) has a Pucks n Paws Day coming up on April 2nd.

Have a great time at the game!

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