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Even more differences between Bert and Ernie

Updated: Dec 4, 2022

You've seen part 1 and part 2 - now get ready to learn about even more differences between Bert and Ernie!

Biggest fears

Bert is a very confident dog, but as a Covid puppy, he's not used to being alone!

Bert's biggest fear is being left behind and missing out on anything fun. He loves to come along wherever dogs are welcome - even if that's just for a ride in the car.

We've been working to counter separation anxiety, and he's getting more comfortable staying at home with Ernie when we leave the house. Bert seems to like relaxing on our bed while we're out and about.

Ernie does not like big vehicles with air brakes! Garbage trucks, city buses, or construction vehicles are at the top of his list of dislikes, and living in the city, we encounter these things nearly every day. Whenever we walk past them, we tell Ernie to be brave because he does not like the unpredictability of those noises. It's going to take time and practice for him to move past this aversion, but it helps create a positive association when the garbage collectors have dog biscuits to share!

Ernie's jobs

Ever since he was a small puppy, Ernie has made it his responsibility to make sure we are safe in the shower. Whenever he hears the tap turn on, he comes running from anywhere in the house and takes up his post as lifeguard bear, a job he takes quite seriously. His self-appointed lifeguard duties include laying on top of the bathmat, poking his snoot past the shower curtain for safety checks, and licking clean toes as soon as they step out of the shower. So far, no drownings on Ernie's watch!

Ernie's also very "helpful" whenever anybody's getting ready to leave the house. When somebody sits down to put on socks and shoes, Ernie wedges himself between their knees for cuddles! Sometimes he will even prop himself up and use his front paws to give a hug. He loves "sock time" snuggles, and so do we.

Creatures of habit

If you've watched any of our buddy walk videos on Instagram, you may have noticed that Bert with the blue leash nearly always walks on the left hand side, while Ernie with his red leash are usually on the right. The boys are very particular about this! If we try to mix it up, they usually correct us (or tangle themselves in in the process).

They have these same preferred sides (Bert on the left, Ernie on the right) when they go charging down the stairs each morning for breakfast and their first potty trip outside. Don't get caught blocking the way!

Weirdly enough, their preferred sides flip when they ride together in the back seat of the car. Ernie likes to be on the left behind the driver, and Bert likes to be on the right/passenger side. Really, Bert prefers to sit on the right and in the center - he's a bit of a space hog in the car!

When Bert was little and the pups were still figuring out their routines, sometimes Bert would try to sit on top of Ernie. He might have been trying to cuddle, or maybe he was just imitating his big brother. Now, Ernie usually looks out the side window while we're driving, and Bert will either peer straight out the front or crane his neck around to look through the rear windshield. It's a wonder that he doesn't get car sick looking backwards!

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